Nutrition Programs

Ketogenic Diet

Reduce your Weight with Ketogenic diet which required micronutrient combination, available for variety of veg and non veg option

Sports Nutrition

Right Nutrition is a important factor of all Sports which helps to improve performance according to your sports choice

This plan help to improve the health while sports performance in long distance running (Marathon), cyclotron , swimming, tennis etc Over eating is not only help for Muscles gain and fitness.

Diabetes Diet Plan

Programme aim to provide customize diet as per your clinical parameter and life style require changes with proper monitoring will help you to manage your diabetes and sometimes help you to reduce your medicine also

Weight Gain

Gain your Weight in a right way with more muscle mass and improve stamina. 

In this plan we work for the client’s health requirements and the health goal which they are looking it. After the deep analysis we help them to set realistic goal and start to work for them. After the consideration of Eating Habits, Food likes Dislike, Daily Routine, Life style, we design good and healthy nutrition strategy for them

PCOD Diet Management

This program is designed for all PCOD/PCOS complication like hormonal imbalance, Fertility, Weight Gain, Acne etc.
Some times its effect women Excess Hair Growth, increased androgen levels, Obesity and making them too difficult to conceive even.

Symptoms with PCOD
• Irregular Periods
• Heavy Bleeding
• Acne
• Weight Gain or Obesity
• Male pattern Baldness
• Darkening Of the skin
• Infertility
• Depression
• Irregular Menstrual cycle

Body Transformation

This program offer you to transform your body from inner side by reducing unwanted fat over on it.

Sometime you are close to your ideal weight but internally your body start to gain fat which is the initial stage to lose your metabolism and gain weight. This times your major weight contribution because of fat only so you start to lose your energy. This is time when you really need to transform your body internally to keep you away from future illness.
Body transformation Program helps you to correct your internal body parameter like fat loss and muscle gain. 

This will help you to boost your metabolism and ageing factor, and health risk factor, improve energy. Help to Keep you young 10 years.

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