How Sugar Harms your Body ?

Sugar always loving contain in our food list sometime in the form of sweet , Sometime in the form of chocolates or with drinks etc. It is basically a simple carbs. It is useful to give quick energy to our body but not always good for our health. This is very important component of Indian Traditional food and also be the part of festival celebration.

In this article we will try to understand How Sugar is affecting our Health?

Generally Sugar made with sugarcane, sugar beets, date plum, sorghum and sugar maple. Generally sugars are three types, White, Brown, Molasses and Liquid.

Sugar is actually not containing any kind of nutrients like no fat or protein or no vitamins or minerals. It is just a bunch of calories which is sometimes called ‘empty calories’. Excess intake of sugar can cause nutrient deficiency

Sugar having few harmful effect-

  1. Excess intake of sugary food lead to diabetes. Too much glucose in the diet can cause diabetes In this case, who are suffering from type 2 diabetes, Pancreas cannot fulfil the demand of insulin production. So the elevated glucose level in blood stream can cause diabetes and damage many organs like kidney, eye, heart, pancreas and brain also.
  2. Increase obesity- Sugar consumption in your diet provide only empty calorie which is responsible for the weight gain and  continue high sugar diet lead to obesity or Heart diseases.
  3. Candy and sweets consumption cause acidity which is directly contact with the teeth can cause Teeth decay.
  4. Sugar intake increase the factor cause acne on the skin so eat complex carbs instead of simple carbs give advantages.
  5.  Sugar suppresses white blood cells from attacking harmful bacteria in the body for at least five hours after consumption. Can cause low immunity .
  6.  Some metabolic dysfunction cause insulin resistance in which insulin could not working properly in human body, which can leads to metabolic syndrome, obesity, cardiovascular disease and especially type II diabetes.

How to Control-

  • Choose complex carbs instead of simple sugar.
  • If you are not active avoid too much sugar consumption in your meal.
  • Avoid daily sweets or sweet containing food
  • Reduce Sugar containing Tea or coffee cups. Instead of Sugar may choose Sugar free.
  • Eat more fibre in your diet like salad, bran, legumes, nuts etc. helps to control sugar harmful effect.
  • Choose daily activity according to your convenience to reduce sugar intake complication.

Cut Sugar, feel better!

Dietician Arti Jain

Nutrition and Weight loss Consultant
Founder and Chief Nutritionist of Diet4Health
MSc (Dietetics), PG Dip(Nutrition), Diabetic Educator (USA), International Sports Nutrition (California), Genetic Diet Expert

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